If you are interested in Going Green then Eco Net is your leading resource in Costa Rica and throughout the Americas. We specialize in Green eco friendly development and encourage our clients to become as sustainable as possible.

 We also encourage and promote sustainably responsible eco tourism, green hotels, and eco resorts in Costa Rica.

A list of some of our services are below.

bullet leafGreen Real Estate

bullet leafGreen Hotel & Eco Resort Assistance

bullet leafSustainable Eco Tourism Programs

bullet leafGreen Hotel Consulting Services

bullet leafSustainable Development Specialists

bullet leafGreen Building Materials

bullet leafAlternative Energy - Solar, Hydro, Wind

bullet leafOrganic Farm Development using Permaculture Principles

bullet leafReforestation Services and Projects

bullet leafEco Friendly Lanscaping & Natural Pool Design

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding any of our services.