Organic Farming ProduceWe are living in very exciting times, as people across the globe are awakening to the need to live organically in order to protect their health and that of the environment.

EcoNet's organic farming, landscaping and Permaculture division can help you find that right person to help you create organic edible landscapes that incorporate organic gardening knowledge and Permaculture principles into your landscape design.


Our teams planting services include: edible plants, native plants, native trees, fruit trees; as well as herb and vegetable gardens. Plants are grouped together to not only create a beautiful landscape, but to attract beneficial insects and to provide nutrients to the soil.

Creating Permaculture designed gardens here in Costa Rica also involves helping the natural environment by planting native species that attract exotic animals, birds, butterflies and other beneficial insects to your property.

If you have a fair amount of land we can also assist you to reforest portions of your land with native plants and trees.

As part of our service, out team members can also teach you how to compost and take care of your organic garden, or you can hire one of our specialists to manage your organic farm / landscape for you.

Sustainable Agriculture also involves waste and water management of your land. This involves creating environmentally friendly septic tanks and gray water treatment systems.

Our Specialists can help you create the perfect organic farm or garden that is right for you and your land.

Contact us today in order to design that perfect edible landscape for your new home, community or hotel in Costa Rica.