Eco Net is your source for finding Green Sustainable Building materials for commercial and residential development projects here in Costa Rica and throughout Central America.  We are committed to sourcing and supplying the best eco friendly green construction materials and products for building the eco homes and hotels of the future.. 

We offer environmental and practical solutions for assisting you with your green construction  needs.  We can help you create  a non toxic  home or hotel that saves electricity, conserves water, use sustainable lumber and other green materials; while also  integrating more sustainably into the local environment.

Build your new home or hotel using eco friendly building materials.

Some of the environmentally friendly building supplies that we can supply you with are:

  • Sustainable wood and plywood
  • Construction grade Bamboo - Sustainably harvested and treated
  • Recycled roofing materials
  • Energy efficient lighting systems and fans
  • Eco modular building systems
  • Green Energy Systems, including: solar panels, wind and micro hydro power
  • Plus- Sustainably harvested eco furniture and much more...

Please contact us so we can help you find the best sustainable building materials for your new home or construction project.