Eco Net is a Network of Costa Rica's top Green Development and Sustainability experts. As experts in the sustainable building industry, our consultants can provide professional guidance and assistance in order to help you purchase green real estate or to develop your property in a green and sustainable manner.

We also specialize in true sustainable ecotourism and Green Community development. We believe in educating travelers about Green Hotels and Tours and encourage people to support the green sustainability movement in Costa Rica. If you are interested in property then we encourage you to take a tour of some of the best eco development projects in the country.

We are dedicated to helping to transform the Costa Rican marketplace by helping to develop buildings, communities and natural environments that are designed, built and operated in a manner that improves the health, well-being and productivity of people and the environment

The Eco Net Team is comprised of a network of Green Developers, LEED certified Architects Renewable energy experts, Designers, Engineers, Sustainable Eco Tourism experts, Green Real Estate professionals; as well as Reforestation and organic farming experts.