The importance of Reforestation  Carbon Credits


 The purchase of rainforest properties, and the sale of forest based carbon credits offers mankind one of our greatest potentials for mitigating rising concentrations of greenhouse gases.

Trees have a huge capacity to store carbon in their tissues as they grow. The resent destruction of rainforests accounts for more carbon dioxide emissions: than the combined emissions of every car, plane and ship on the planet.   


Rainforests are also the lungs of our planet and are a storehouse for most of the world's biodiversity.   Protecting our rainforests is critical for the long term survival of humans and our planet.   Purchasing rainforest for protection and the use of forest based carbon offsets are critical components in protecting our planets tropical rainforests.

No doubt you’ve heard about carbon credits and offsets. They’re the talk of government summits, polluting companies corporate policy,  and  increasingly, everyday conversations.  

A  forest carbon credit  is a new form of financial instrument that represents a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. One carbon offset represents one less metric ton of greenhouse gases that would have been released into our planets  atmosphere.   


How do investors grab hold of this unique, carbon credit opportunity?  

One way is to purchase land  that offers the opportunity to make money with carbon credits while helping to stop global warming at the same time.   Another way is the purchase of deforested land, and assist with reforestation and/ or sustainable tree farms.

organic soil for reforestationCosta Rica, has created a pioneer system of rainforest protection that is similar to carbon credits, but is different in that the small land owner does not need to go through the global carbon offset verification process in order to make money from their protected land.   The Costa Rica government has created a self-financed system of fees imposed primarily on fossil fuels, and tourism taxes that help support payments to farmers and landowners for preserving private forest land. 

EcoNet can assist you with getting money for the protection of your forested land from the Costa Rican Government; or we can assist  you with getting verification and validation of carbon sequestration credits for sale on the world market.

EcoNet's Green Real Estate division can help you find small or large tracts of virgin rainforest for sale, We can also help you find that perfect site for a home or hotel that is nestled in or adjacent to spectacular rainforest; many with ocean views, waterfalls and rivers..  Plus if you are interested in living more sustainably, we also specialize in assisting with the sale and development of green communities here in Costa Rica.

Rainforest property for sale in Costa Rica although in high demand, are more expensive than in a lot of other developing countries.  For this reason the carbon offset market is smaller than in other countries like Brazil and Indonesia where rainforest land is cheaper. 

Carbon Credits and more specifically rainforest carbon credits have become controversial in recent years.  One of the main reasons is that a lot of environmentally destructive companies that are forced into cap and trade policies to offset their pollution; opt to purchase the cheapest rainforest carbon credits that they can, and this hurts the global carbon offset market by encouraging companies to buy the cheaper offsets; thereby taking away money from other worthy carbon sequestration projects worldwide.


Costa Rica Carbon Credits
Please contact us to discover more about prime Real Estate rainforest properties for sale in Costa Rica. 

If you have existing land or wish to purchase farmland, then Eco Net can assist you with green building, organic farming, the development of sustainable tree farms or the reforestation of your property.

Another way to become more carbon neutral is to purchase carbon credits here in Costa Rica. 

Purchasing carbon offsets in Costa Rica will help protect rainforests and support Costa Rica to become the worlds first Carbon Neutral country by the target date of 2021.  Please contact us to learn more about purchasing carbon credits in Costa Rica and Central and South America.