Eco LivingThe health of our communities, our planet and ourselves depends upon how we plan, design and construct the places in which we live.

If you are one of those people who wish to live more sustainable and in connection with your environment, your food, your home and your local community: then you have come to the right place.

Living in a green sustainable community or eco village here in Costa Rica is a special thing indeed.  Costa Rica has more green developments in a small area than any other place that we are aware of.

Costa Rica is the #1 sustainable eco tourism destination in the world, and the first country to commit to becoming carbon neutral in under 10 years. Costa Rica is presently attracting people from around the world that want to live and build green homes and be a part of eco villages and sustainable communities.

Throughout the country are Dozens of Green Development Projects

Eco Net specializes in Sustainable community Development and the sale of green real estate for those that wish to live more connected to nature, our planet and each other.

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Green communities or eco villages aren't a new idea; in fact, for most of human history, green was not something special, it was just the way we lived. Modern man's fast pace of development has disconnected us from the fact that man is an integral part of nature and that humankind feels more whole when living in a natural environment, eating organic foods, and living in connection with other people, plants and animals and the planet as a whole.

Dispersed along Costa Rica's stunning environmental landscape are green communities that are leading the way in environmentally friendly sustainable development.

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We've done the work for you and have researched and hand-picked a selection of eco friendly development projects where a commitment to being green drives the core values and community focus.

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A recent study by CoStar Group has found that sustainable "green" buildings outperform their non-green peer assets in key areas such as occupancy, sale price and rental rates, sometimes by wide margins. Investment in green properties is clearly the wave of the future.