Green Building ContractorsOur Network of Sustainable Development specialists can assist you with your green building design and construction needs.

The process and design of green construction that uses sustainable building materials is fundamentally different from conventional approaches, but doesn't necessarily cost any more than traditional construction.

Sustainable green design and construction has an integrated and holistic nature that requires early and ongoing involvement of all parties. This holistic team approach can involve a green architect, contractor, landscape architect, engineer, and alternative energy expert; all working together as necessary in order to brainstorm innovations, agree on the final designs, and avoid potential obstacles. Hiring inexperienced building professionals may cost less up front, but these savings may quickly be eroded by the costs of inefficient design and implementation.

High performance Green buildings and green homes are the result of expertise and experience and doesn't need to cost more than traditional designs. We also have access to a complete line of green building materials that you can purchase here in Costa Rica.


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