Eco Net can provide you with a  complete off-the-grid system, or just help you produce supplemental power to help lower your electric bill and carbon footprint.

Even a Partial renewable power system can prepare you  for emergencies and the regular power outages that occur here in Costa Rica.
Having your own alternative power source is a key component on the road to sustainable energy independence. We can provide you with all your alternative power needs, including: 

  • Complete Solar Photovoltaic systems, solar panels, inverters, controllers, batteries etc
  • Commercial and Residential Solar Hot Water Heater Systems
  • Solar water pumps, and Ram Pumps
  • Renewable wind power generators, both commercial and residential units
  • Hydro and Micro Hydro electric power generators, both home and commercial systems
  • Geothermal heating and cooling systems that eliminate the need for air conditioners

Please contact us today for all your renewable alternative energy needs.Renewable Energy Logo