Costa Rica is one of the world's most famous Eco Tourism Destinations.  The problem is a lot of eco resorts and tour operators in Costa Rica are actually being destructive to the environment and local communities. Please do not contribute to these destructive businessses while visiting costa rica.

We encourage you to travel sustainably and only support certified green hotels and tour operators.

All our Green Hotels, Eco Lodges and Eco Resorts listed are  CST certified. The Costa Rica Certification for Sustainable Tourism has 5 levels of certifications. On our site we designate each level by a leaf, and a 5 leaf rating is the best. We only list Eco Resorts and Green Hotels with at least a level 3 certification; thus helping to reward the most green eco tourism establishments in Costa Rica.

Thanks for making your trip to Costa Rica as sustainable as possible.

Green Certified CST Accommodations and Tour operators are striving towards sustainability, have a low impact on the environment, and are helping out the local communities. Some of the things they are doing are as follows:

* They are taking measures to avoid emissions, harmful products and pollution.
* They are implementing conservation and natural risk reduction measures.
* They are composting, recycling and efficiently handling the waste that they produce.
* They purchase and use natural, biodegradable, and recyclable products.
* They are being energy efficient and have aa water conservation program.
* It encourages you to experience the country's natural wealth and insists on its care and conservation.
* CST certified tour operators limit the size of their tours, and encourages associated partners, wholesalers, and suppliers, to uphold the principles of sustainability.
* It offers its clients the opportunity to participate in conservation and communal development initiatives.
* Staff are continually trained in matters of quality and sustainable tourism.
* They complies with standards and norms that the tourist establishment must uphold in terms of the environment, wildlife, archeological heritage, and social guarantees of the country.
* They promote the traditions and customs of the country, as well as typical food and national handicrafts.


Notice to non Certified Hotels and Resorts in Costa Rica

We encourage you to shift your practices and to become one of the leaders in Sustainable Green Eco Tourism.  Hotels that complete one or more of the various certification programs greatly increase their marketability within the eco tourism market.

EcoNet can assist with Hotels and Eco Lodges to attain proper certification.

There are various forms of certification available here in Costa Rica.  Probably the most well known is the Certification for Sustainable Tourism  (CST).   


Other Green Certifications in Costa Rica

Two other certification processes which are not widely known in Costa Rica but that can offer a serious marketing advantage are The Sustainable Tourism Certification of the Americas, Rainforest Alliance Certification and  the World Green Building Council Certification;  the later is recommended when doing initial construction or extensive remodels.