reforestation project seedlingCosta Rica was once one of the most deforested countries in the world. Today it is a pioneer in reforestation, forest management, and forest protection policies.   Costa Rica is also a pioneer in the green movement, and has recently pledged to become the first carbon neutral country in the world by 2021.

The government planted what it says is a world record five million trees in 2007, and another record of 7 million in 2008 The idea is that when aggressive reforestation is combined with existing forests, then they will absorb enough carbon dioxide to cancel out the country's emissions of greenhouse gases.

Sustainable Tree Farming and Reforestation Services

EcoNet is here to assist private land owners with transitioning there land into a more sustainable landscape. Our team can help with full or partial reforestation, the integration of a sustainable tree farm; or just assist with improving your lands natural habitat in a variety of other ways.

Reforestation projects require careful planning throughout numerous sequential reforestation steps; each step critical to the success of your reforestation project or sustainable tree farm.

planting trees to reforestExcellent tree survival and growth is obtained by using cost effective and environmentally safe methods to control weeds and other non native plant species and pests that otherwise aggressively compete with young trees for limited soil moisture and nutrients

We also have lots of rainforest property for sale; as well as organic farming and landscaping services, and can even provide assistance for getting your rainforest land approved for income producing carbon credits

Please contact EcoNet for further information on reforestation and Sustainable Tree Farm Services.