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Eco Net is a network of Costa Rica's top Green Hotels, Communities, Developers, LEED certified Architects, Renewable  Energy professionals, Permaculture / Organic Farming  specialists, Eco Tourism consultants; as well as reforestation and conservation experts .

Until recently, Sustainable Green Development was a concept that had little impact on the design and construction marketplace.  Today the smart developer and new home owner understands the importance of developing their project in a green and sustainable manner.

We are dedicated to transforming the Costa Rican  marketplace by helping to develop buildings and natural environments  that are designed, built and operated in a manner that improves the health, well-being and productivity of people and the environment

We are also dedicated to promoting and helping sustainable eco tourism, and in assisting environmental conservation organizations throughout Costa Rica and other key biodiversity hotspots globally.

A list of some of our services are below.

bullet leafGreen Real Estate

bullet leafGreen Hotel & Eco Resort Assistance

bullet leafSustainable Eco Tourism Programs

bullet leafGreen Hotel Consulting Services

bullet leafSustainable Development Specialists

bullet leafGreen Building Materials

bullet leafAlternative Energy - Solar, Hydro, Wind

bullet leafOrganic Farm Development using Permaculture Principles

bullet leafReforestation Services and Projects

bullet leafEco Friendly Lanscaping & Natural Pool Design

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding any of our services.